Stream Deck buttons for Album Player

Hy, I’ve made some “Gold Top Buttons” for the Stream Deck, related to my Skin “Gold Top” for Album Player some time ago. You see it on the right.

There is also in info video in german on YouTube:


here you can download the zip file of the gold buttons, please leave a comment if you like them.


…wild wild wild “FEEL THE NOIZE”  –   Leather Bracelet inspired by Quiet Riot



I’ve made some new bracelets.

A “US Marshall” bracelet, western style.
And a “Red Bullets”, fantasy heavy metal style version.

some more pics in the gallery.

here are some working pics:

Summer break on Leather

Hy,  – so the sun is coming thru the window, it’s getting a bit warmer now.
Time to do some other things. I take a break at the leather works, for some weeks.

Here ‘s a little Leather Video from me:

See You..