Concrete Desk Lamp with USB socket

DIY concrete desk lamp with USB charging socket for mobile devices
DIY concrete desk lamp
Things used:

  • some Wood,some screws…
  • 2x  One-gang boxes
  • 2x  signal cover
  • a little bit silicone
  • concrete,sand,water
  • Phillips MAS LEDlustre DT 6-40W E27 P48 DIMTONE
  • Berker Tast Dimmer 85421200 Universal
  • Berker USB 260009 charging socket outlet
  • Berker frame R.1 Acryl transparent, red
  • old lamp shade
  • some bird wire netting
  • some hours of time
  • some bottles of beer 🙂

DIY concrete desk lamp

Fire Pit Furniture 3D

Kurfürsten Kölsch Bonn

post update ! 24.05.15

Fire Pit Furniture with some Euro-Pallets

I have made them with “Cinema 4D” to play with the individual parts. I will rebuild one or the other for real.

Here is another 3D Render of some kegs.Based on a keg, of a brewery in germany. From the “Kurfürsten Bräu AG Bonn”.
The “kurfürstliche “brewing tradition ends on 31.Dezember 2011 in Bonn, after 321 Years.


You can download the Euro Pallet as “.c4d” file.
You can use it for free, for non commercial use,
but you must leave a comment under this post! 🙂
Klick on the pallet below to download the zipped file:

Euro Pallet Scetch

…and here are the real things….:



A sign of life or reality is enough

Sometimes reality is enough… 🙂

Yes … spend much time in the Garden at the moment.
I have torn down my old rotted garden shedand build a new one.

and some other garden stuff…

The Final Picture:

Schuppen 5DIII
Schuppen 5DIII


Low Cost Gear

Now, finally, I have found two cheap solutions to mount my studio flashes.
One, to mount it to Alutruss with a Half Coupler.
One, to mount the flash near the ground with a floor stand.
First, I drove to Cologne. There is a small company called “Abelz Filmzubehör” they offer various Spigots.
They also can build custom models for you. The most used way to mount a Studioflash is a 16mm spigot.
I bought two spigots with 10 mm internal thread.

I took one of my Clamp’s which already have a 10mm screw.I only had to turn the Spigot on the screw.

Then I grabbed an old Warning triangle, tore off the foil and the reflectors. I drilled a hole in the middle, and mount the Spigot on the Stand.  And ready… here is it: