Truss Industry Arts – weapons of choice …

Truss Industry is using…

-Canon 5D Mark III and Lenses
-Pentax K20D and Lenses
-color checker passport
Richter Studio Flashes, Metz Flashes,Softboxes, brollie’s, reflectors, grids, colour gels
and more…
Pocket Wizard Transceiver
-Manfrotto Stands, Sirui Ball Heads
-Gossen Light Meters
-cases & racks – Art Case Flightcasebau Düren
-Loewepro Bags
-14meters 3point-quicklock-truss-system and two truss lifts up to  5m/200kg
-Par 56 Cans , Par 36 Cans , Coemar effects …
-Fog machine, Wind machine and Bubble machine for special effects.
-Wacom Tablets ,Adobe Software, Maxon C4D, and of corse ACDSEE!
-thanks to Walter vor the P99 and to Umarex vor the M4A1-Real Action Marker 🙂

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