Color-gels for the 600EX-RT

Table with gels
Photo was made with Samsung Tab2..

Today i cut some color filters for my 600EX-RT’s.
I found a inexpensive solution …
You can buy a set of color filters, for PAR64-
Cans. You can cut 9 pieces from one sheet.
Cut rectangles with a length of 7.5 cm. The pieces must not have the original “Canon” shape.

If you get an “exclamation mark” in your Display, go to the “Personal Functions” of your 600EX and disable th P.FN-05, so the color Filter will not be detected

Truss Industry Arts – weapons of choice …

Truss Industry is using…

-Canon 5D Mark III and Lenses
-Pentax K20D and Lenses
-color checker passport
Richter Studio Flashes, Metz Flashes,Softboxes, brollie’s, reflectors, grids, colour gels
and more…
Pocket Wizard Transceiver
-Manfrotto Stands, Sirui Ball Heads
-Gossen Light Meters
-cases & racks – Art Case Flightcasebau Düren
-Loewepro Bags
-14meters 3point-quicklock-truss-system and two truss lifts up to  5m/200kg
-Par 56 Cans , Par 36 Cans , Coemar effects …
-Fog machine, Wind machine and Bubble machine for special effects.
-Wacom Tablets ,Adobe Software, Maxon C4D, and of corse ACDSEE!
-thanks to Walter vor the P99 and to Umarex vor the M4A1-Real Action Marker 🙂