Canon 5D Mark III vs Pentax K20D

Hello …. Here is some TechStuff.

The  5D Mark III is Out Now … and i will do comparison.
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Here are the Bodys !  A fast and boring snapshot with the Logitech C910 HD Webcam

The first thing I have noticed is: The POWER BUTTON
I think on the K20D the Button is in a better position. I can turn-on the camera with my right Hand while I hold it. For the Canon i need my left Hand too.
You see it in the next two Pictures:



Here are two fast Test-shots from me.

Hand held with IS on.
K20D with 100mm Macro @ F4 – ISO100 and
5DIII with 24-105mm  @ F4 ISO100 (the Pictures are OOC no post-processing)

First 5DIII:


I think the Image quality from the K20D is still very very good.
Here are two Pictures: RAW with Standard Adjustments in Photoshop

5DIII and K20D

There is nothing to test. The AF on the 5DIII is much faster.
In low light he is very much better.

LCD Monitor:
The LCD Monitor on the 5DIII is much better in Sunlight Outdoors.
But i hate my nose oil smear on my LCD.

The Viewfinder on the 5DIII:
The viewfinder cup wobbeling is not so nice.

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