Umarex Ready Air Compressor with Hill Dry-Pac Pro

Summer Vibes … let’s do some things for another Hobby.

umarex ready air compressor with hill dry pac pro

Today I built a fixture for the Hill Dry-Pac pro. Which, by the way, works extremely well with the Umarex compressor. For those who don’t know what this is for. The 300bar compressor is there to fill air guns with air. Ideally, this should be as dry as possible.

Bring your speedlights into the middle of your umbrella

SMALLRIG Cold Shoe Top Handle

What has always annoyed me is that my speedlights are not in the middle of my umbrella. But what is that, I still have a Smallrig camera handle in my camera bag. On the handle there are some threads for spigots and some cold shoe adapters That’s great. So I get the flash in the middle of my umbrella.

Album Player Jukebox Software 6.5b update!

If you use my web controler images then you must update the files.

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Album Player Jukebox Software 6.5 with REMOTE WEBAPP update!


Album Player Jukebox Software 6.5 with REMOTE WEBAPP update!

Album Player Remote Web App screenshot

Album Player, my favorite Jukebox software got an update!
It’s called V6.5
I’ve been waiting for this for a long time to finally get an app to control it.
It’s a “Web App” so you can use it with any browser that’s logged into the same wifi.

In the picture above, you can see the app. If you compare the screenshot with the original app, you will notice that it looks a little different. Exactly, I changed the look of the app. So that it goes well with my “Gold Top Skin“. Which I designed a long time ago.

You can download the software here:

I have decided to offer the GoldTop design of the app for download here as well. Download the files here if you like:

made vor version 6.5 of Album Player.

if you have the new 6.5b of Album Player you must use this .zip

Install info:
Search for your Album Player install directory.
then go to: AlbumPlayer\WebController\Images
make a copy of the original folder “images” just to be safe! (then you can always jump back)
Then Copy the content of my “” file into the original folder and overwrite the files.
have fun.

Project: Wacken at Home 2020


Lets call this post WACKEN AT HOME or simple the CORONA-WACKEN. Like many others in the corona downtime, I had nothing better to do…

I always wanted something big in the garden. So some weekends and beers later – here it is. I would like to share some impressions with you.

Full Metal Lamp

Original #ammunition box
Original M1 #steelpot
hand-welded lampshade holder
Killswitch and Touch Dimmer
Supports LED Bulbs for E27 bulb socket.
Four linked dummy bullets on M1 belt.
M1 steelpot removable

New belt pouch for mobile phone

New vegetable tanned leather cowhide belt pouch. The leather is colored deep red and black, with some skulls. The bag is attached to the belt with a LOXX® button. to quickly take them off.

leather belt pouch making of

Updated STREAM DECK buttons

I’ve updated the Icons to V2.0 – 62 .png and 4 .gif – download in the orginal POST