Color-gels for the 600EX-RT

Table with gels
Photo was made with Samsung Tab2..

Today i cut some color filters for my 600EX-RT’s.
I found a inexpensive solution …
You can buy a set of color filters, for PAR64-
Cans. You can cut 9 pieces from one sheet.
Cut rectangles with a length of 7.5 cm. The pieces must not have the original “Canon” shape.

If you get an “exclamation mark” in your Display, go to the “Personal Functions” of your 600EX and disable th P.FN-05, so the color Filter will not be detected

Canon 5D Mark III vs Pentax K20D

Hello …. Here is some TechStuff.

The  5D Mark III is Out Now … and i will do comparison.
This Blog Post is continually updated… so come back and check it.

Here are the Bodys !  A fast and boring snapshot with the Logitech C910 HD Webcam

The first thing I have noticed is: The POWER BUTTON
I think on the K20D the Button is in a better position. I can turn-on the camera with my right Hand while I hold it. For the Canon i need my left Hand too.
You see it in the next two Pictures:

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Low Cost Gear

Now, finally, I have found two cheap solutions to mount my studio flashes.
One, to mount it to Alutruss with a Half Coupler.
One, to mount the flash near the ground with a floor stand.
First, I drove to Cologne. There is a small company called “Abelz Filmzubehör” they offer various Spigots.
They also can build custom models for you. The most used way to mount a Studioflash is a 16mm spigot.
I bought two spigots with 10 mm internal thread.

I took one of my Clamp’s which already have a 10mm screw.I only had to turn the Spigot on the screw.

Then I grabbed an old Warning triangle, tore off the foil and the reflectors. I drilled a hole in the middle, and mount the Spigot on the Stand.  And ready… here is it:


Today, it’s raining again, and nobody’s there.
I’m playing with some backgrounds


color gels & grids

…new color gels and grids… (thanks to Jenni for help)

…go to my Photography Site klick on “other” and you will see the Violet-gel in action – big thanks to Marco for the Bottle 🙂