Team Watzl Shooting 2014

Michael Watzl

Two weeks ago, i had some fun with RC Team Watzl.
In Bad Breisig, a little town near the romantic River Rhine, i’ve made some Photos with Christian Watzl and two beautiful girls. Here are some pictures.

here you can see some “behind the scenes” pics….

Team Watzl shooting 2014 – behind the scenes

by the way…. We take some pics in one of the blue “steel boxes”,
called: intermodal container.   blue? not really,
inside they are red,but not red enough. 🙂
I’ve used a red color gel and a smoke machine for these pictures.

Special thanks to the beautiful girls, who made this pictures possible.
See you next time 🙂

The Bunker Project

In the last days of 2013 I made a new virtual tour, of a bunker which was built in 1942. It was maintained by the Civil Protection since the begin of the Cold War.
You can klick on the image (below) to view the Virtal Tour, or move to
Panorama Page here.  All Panos were made with the “EpicProHead” a motorized panoramic head. I use the Auto Exposure Bracketing with 5 pics, to be more flexible at the later editing.

Virtual Tour:


Here you can see  a little “behind the scenes” video:

And here two very nice pics, i think.  Photographed in the Bunker Stairway:

stairway1                     stairway2

Speed & Spirit Retribution – Shooting

Speed Spirit Poster 2 Team Watzl Breisig

Just before thSpeed/Spirite Weekend i spent the Fathers day with Team-Watzl on the Track in Bad Breisig.
I had the opportunity to shoot some new promo photos for Christian Watzl.
He is a successful RC-Car racer.
For those not familiar with RC-Car, Radio controlled (or R/C) cars are model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter.


…another image can be found in the Gallery


Happy New Year…to all visitors

New Year new Category “People / Composions”
This is the first picture, inspired by the Filmposter “Taken” with Liam Neeson.
In germany the Film is called “96 Hours”

Inspired by the Filmposter of "Taken"

thank “Star” for modeling 🙂

2011 was a very busy year.
My New Year’s Resolutions for 2012: Take more Pictures and do more blogging

Gas Can photoshoot

Little video from the very hot Sunday, the 11th of July…

The sun coming thru my window in the morning … it’s a beautiful day … i got nothing better to do… so…
the 39 degrees of celsius were perfect for the “GAS CAN” photoshoot.
PS: we use water instead of petrol, so the model was not harmed in the making of this picture 🙂

here is the “behind the scenes” video:

the video has no audiotrack, sorry – you see nothing? To view the video you must have the Adobe flashplugin installed!

here is the final picture:

Model: STAR

little video from weekend

little “behind the scenes” video from the weekendshooting…

the video has no audiotrack, sorry – to view the video you must have the Adobe flashplugin installed!