Bird’s eye Chili Cutter

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bird's eye chili cutter trussindustry.deAnother cold and gray winter day.

Nothing better to do , so let’s take a picture of my Christmas gift. My new Chili Cutter.
I’ve loaded the Mill with some “Bird’s eye Chili”.
Bird’s Eye Chillies are botanically to the family of Capsicum frutescens, a particularly hot chilli family, which is considered as the prototype of chili. The bird’s eye chili is small, but is quite hot (piquant). It measures around 100,000–225,000 Scoville units.

Here is the Lightning Diagram from the shot:

trussindustry lightning setup chili



The idee for this Picture is based on the “Don’t give AIDS a chance” the BZgA campaign for HIV/AIDS prevention.

“Don’t give AIDS a chance” (“Gib Aids keine Chance”) is Germany’s largest and most comprehensive health prevention campaign. It is a model example of a successful prevention strategy with a nationwide impact on the public. Since 1987, it has been combining mass-media and personal communication measures that specifically target different groups of the population.

and here how it was shot:

Gas Can photoshoot

Little video from the very hot Sunday, the 11th of July…

The sun coming thru my window in the morning … it’s a beautiful day … i got nothing better to do… so…
the 39 degrees of celsius were perfect for the “GAS CAN” photoshoot.
PS: we use water instead of petrol, so the model was not harmed in the making of this picture 🙂

here is the “behind the scenes” video:

the video has no audiotrack, sorry – you see nothing? To view the video you must have the Adobe flashplugin installed!

here is the final picture:

Model: STAR

making of Merry Christmas 2009

I set up a Striplight Softbox with Grid, mounted on a Starlight500.
I put the flash on a stand over us,50 degrees down for hair light.
The Softbox also creates a little spill light for the background.

One Starlight500 mounted with a BarnDoor and a yellow gel,
straight up under the hole of the Box.
I call it the “Pandora Box Light”.

Third Studio Flash with a snoot for the lighting of the outer box.

Camera controlled remotely, you see the remote in my hand 🙂

Here is the Lightingdiagram:


klick on picture to enlarge…

little video from weekend

little “behind the scenes” video from the weekendshooting…

the video has no audiotrack, sorry – to view the video you must have the Adobe flashplugin installed!